Graphic and Web Design Vernissage

John Abbott College’s Graphic and Web Design program is getting ready to showcase their students’ work in this year’s Vernissage. This event is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and creativity to potential employers and the public.

My Journey

As a graphic design student at John Abbott College, I am excited for the upcoming event. It has been an incredible journey to learn and grow as a designer over the past three years. I cannot wait to share my designs with the public and potential employers.

Preparing for this event has been a lot of work, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. I have spent countless hours perfecting my projects, tweaking designs, and ensuring that every detail is just right. Seeing my work on display at the event will be a surreal experience. I am eager to see the reaction of those in attendance.

One of the things I am most excited about is the opportunity to network with potential employers. This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry and potentially secure job opportunities. Many local design firms and businesses will be in attendance, providing students with the opportunity to make valuable connections and potentially secure job opportunities. I am excited for feedback on my work and to gain insights into what employers are looking for in a designer.

Come Support Us!

Overall, the Vernissage at John Abbott College is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their work and connect with potential employers. Additionally, the members of the public will have the opportunity to see the next generation of designers and their amazing work. If you are interested in attending the event, be sure to mark your calendar for April 4th at 5:00pm. We welcome you to come out and show your support for these talented students.

More Information

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My Dream Career in Graphic Design

I have always been a creatively driven person and growing up I knew my dream career would have to honor that facet of my personality. I have discovered my passion for graphic design during my time at John Abbott College. More specifically, I have realized my love for illustration, packaging and branding. I know that my future profession will have to be related to at least one of those three fields. 

I have always been infatuated with good packaging design. It always amazed me how the right colours, typefaces, shapes and illustrations could make the product inside look so desirable. The psychology behind it is something I’m eager to continue to learn in practice. I am lucky to have had opportunities already to design packaging for clients and for classes. My favourite project has been designing matching beer cans for a collaboration between Cardinal Brewery and Louks Brewery. My dream career would be to design packaging for all sorts of products and brands.

Four beer cans in a row. The first two cans are light and teal blue featuring the logos for Cardinal brewery and Louks Brewery. There is a red cardinal bird perched in a paper airplane on the front of the can. The last two cans are yellow and navy blue. They feature the same logos and bird as the first two cans.
Collaboration brew matching beer cans for Louks Brewery and Cardinal brewery designed by Lara Fitzpatrick

I also really enjoy branding. It takes a lot of creativity to design unique branding that appeals to the clients as well as their consumers. It’s an enjoyable process creating an entire brand identity from scratch. A dream career for me would be to work at a graphic design agency that specializes in branding. 

I imagine myself working alongside other designers as we brainstorm and create. My dream career would involve me working with a team on projects. I wouldn’t mind working either as an in-house hired graphic designer or at an agency with other designers. I only wish to be collaborating with others at my job. Hopefully in the future I will eventually be working a position like Art Director where I would have my own team to manage. 

To summarize, my dream career would ideally involve me working with a team on illustration based projects, branding and packaging. I hope to be working downtown Montreal as it is a hub for designers and creatives but I am open to working anywhere in Canada if the job fits my dream.


My Short-Term Goals as a Graphic Designer

Designer holding a pen to a notebook planning out short-term goals
Short-Term Goals for Stage

As a soon-to-be graduate from the Graphic and Web Design program at John Abbott College, I have had a lot of time to think about and plan my short-term goals post-graduation. In the past three years of studying this field, I have accumulated an extensive list of design skills. They will serve as a solid foundation for me to start my career. I hope to dive into the fields of illustration, branding, advertisement, promotional material, and packaging during my three-week stage. Although I am confident I can succeed in any design endeavour my stage host might assign me. I am open to any opportunities for experience that may present themselves. Even if they don’t align with my current long-term goals.

Short-Term Goals Post Stage

After my stage is completed, I am looking to jump straight away into working full-time as a designer. The best scenario for me is being hired by my stage host after the three weeks are up. I will have already gotten acclimated to the workflow and culture of that particular business which will allow for an easy transition from interning to working full-time as an in-house designer. Currently, I have no short-term plans for continuing my education at a University. I plan on waiting for a strategic moment in my career when a BA will make a large difference in opportunities. As of right now, my short-term goals are to build experience and make connections within the field.

Location Based Short-Term Goals

Currently, I am living in Saint-Lazare. The commute from my town to Montreal is long, especially with traffic. I’m hoping a business close to me or one looking for a remote worker will hirer me for the three week stage. Eventually, I plan to move to Montreal within the next year. I want to be available for more career opportunities and work full-time in the city. All depending on if I am not already dedicated to a position outside of Montreal.