About Lara Fitzpatrick

My Personality

I would describe myself as observant, reliable, thoughtful and meticulous. My eyes are always drawn to the details and this is obvious in anything I do. I don’t rest until I can assure everything is perfect. I believe my strong imagination is my most helpful tool. I am never running out of ideas and I always try to push my work beyond the limits. I have a deep appreciation for art history and the cycle of trends within the world of design which proves to be a source of endless inspiration. My love for learning constantly fuels me to improve and expand. I enjoy surrounding myself with others who share this same passion. Collaboration and collective growth are important to me and I hope to find myself working with a great team.

My Passions

Since studying at John Abbott College, I have discovered an interest in branding, packaging and illustration. I hope to develop these skills further and to create my own niche.

My Plans

I am currently finishing my last year of Cegep in Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College. After graduation my hope is to dive head first into the professional world. My goal is to start cultivating experience working with peers and clients alike. I’m excited for any opportunity that comes my way as I am never the person to turn down a learning experience of any kind. By the end of Summer 2023 I hope to have landed a position at a company or design firm learning the ropes of what it is to be a professional graphic designer.